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Tryout Information

RYHA Tryout Standards

In what has become common practice throughout youth hockey associations in Minnesota, RHYA will be closing tryouts at all levels (including LiveBarn). This practice is intended to reduce any additional pressure for the players and minimize distractions from outside the playing area. The tryout facilitators, evaluators, and identified potential head coaches will be the only ones allowed in the rink. 

Viewing Policy:

  • Parents will not be allowed watch any portion of tryouts.
  • Parents should still plan to stay close to the rink during the tryout in case of issues such as injury or equipment problems.
  • For players under 11 one parent may accompany the player into the locker room to help them get ready and then will need to leave once they are on the ice. 
  • A certified Athletic Trainer will be present for all tryout sessions.

Jersey Policy:

  • All players should bring an RYHA black and white jersey from their previous seasons. If they do not have an old RYHA jersey they should bring a white or dark practice jersey. 
  • All helmet stickers with the exception of RYHA must be removed from the player's helmet prior to taking the ice for tryouts.
  • No breezer shells will be allowed to be worn during the tryouts.
  • No cell phones are allowed in the locker rooms or changing areas. Any player with a cell phone in these areas will be asked to leave the tryout. 

COVID/Illness Policy:

RYHA will remain flexible throughout the tryout process. If circumstances arise where players are unable to make any of their tryout days due to a illness, tryouts may be extend into a practice environment (with no specified limit on when the tryout may occur) with independent evaluation by independent evaluators to make any required placements. 

Tryout Process

Drop Off:

  • Please park in a designated parking spot at the arena if possible or pull all the way forward along the sidewalk on the east side of Graham arena 2 and 4 to avoid traffic backing up into the surrounding streets (see attached Graham Parking map)

Check In:

  1. Proceed to the check in table, check in and pay. Cost of tryouts is $25. 

    • Payment options: 

      • Exact Cash;

      • Check made out to RYHA

  2. Proceed to the next table and apply your helmet numbers. The number and pre-cut pieces of tape will be provided

  3. Note your locker room assignment and proceed to the correct locker room

Additional Tryout Information


  • See your level specific tryout page for start dates and other information

  • PeeWees and Bantams only: If you do not want to tryout, please reply by email letting us know you DO NOT intend to tryout. Your players will be placed on the lower level team for their age group. 

  • The player will be removed from the tryout pool and your coach will contact you. This contact happens about two weeks after your level tryout has concluded

  • For each tryout day, after the first one, times and rinks will be posted in the afternoon the day of the tryout

  • Results will be posted the afternoon after the final day of tryouts 

Tryout Notes

Tryout Notes:

  • All players will be given a tryout start date, time and rink via email one day prior to the first day of tryouts

  • If you are a Squirt/Peewee or U10/U12 aged player and you wish to tryout for a higher level the following is the process:

    • Players will be allowed to play at an older age level if they tryout and are selected for the highest level team (i.e. ”A” for  Uxx Girls and “AA” for boys).

    • Exceptions may be granted by the Girls Unit Director or Boys Unit Director upon approval by the Hockey Advisory Director.

  • Squirts: Go to the squirt tryout page for squirt specific information

  • Supermite: If you are a supermite aged player wanting to level up to squirts, go to the Supermite to Squirt evaluation tryout page

  • Tryouts are planned, coordinated, and finalized after registration and late registration in September

  • Each season there are approximately 500 kids trying out that need to be leveled 

  • The process takes time. Each level’s tryout is dependent on the level above being completed first

Boys Unit


Girls Unit


Tryout Contact Process

If you have a complaint or grievance about tryouts or the tryout process, please email the tryout coordinator.  This is the first step in the grievance process.  Do not directly contact any Evaluators, Board Members, or Administrators before submitting your email concern.  

This email is for complaints only.  If you have questions about tryout times or locations, you should contact the appropriate person for your players age level as you may not get a timely response to general tryout questions from this email address.

RYHA Tryout Coordinator Contact

RYHA Tryout Coordinator